29 Nov 00:00 - Konedobu


Friends in the USA. We are coming to a city near you!

This November we are making our 1st ever iCare4U fundraising trip for our Rehabilitation Program starting next year. I am listing the places we’ll be visiting here so you can better plan ahead to catch up for a Coffee/Meal with us. We’d love to meet you and catch up if you are nearby any of these locations. We have been praying and looking forward to this trip for a while. We could use all the prayers so please all you pray warriors out there continue to storm the gates of heaven on our behalf. We are speaking at 4 different churches and a handful of home groups. YES! we are definitely going to be needing prayer covering spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically you name it :) We Love you all…..all y’all :)

Nov 7th- 9th Angleton,TX

Nov 10th -12th Nashville,TN

Nov 13th -15th Gonzales, TX

Nov 16th -19th Tyler/Lindale, TX

Nov 20th - 22nd Pocatello, ID

Nov 23rd- 27th JunctionCity/McMinnville OR

Nov 29th - Dec 3rd Spokane/Cooley, WA

Dec 4th - 6th Phoenix, AZ

Dec 8th - 10th San Diego, CA

Dec 12th - 14th Santa Clarita/LosAngeles, CA

Dec 14th Goodbye America


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